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Booking made simple. 

Dj Performing Live Music

about us

CountN is a tech-driven solution helping independent businesses find top quality musicians and bands. Our goal is to help businesses grow and build community through live music while helping artists book more gigs with ease.

Whether you are a venue or an artist, we are here to help!

Live Music

How it Works


Input the day & time of your event, genre preference, band type and budget. 

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Our algorithm will take in this information and give you all the top talent that meet your criteria.

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All payments are directly transferred to the artist on the day of the gig. Kick back and enjoy show.

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How it helps your business

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Well run music programs can increase nightly sales by 19%


91% of people said they would come back even if they didn’t know the artists on a night with good music


Word of mouth marketing for live music drives a 15% increase in new customers

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CountN takes artists through a 13 step process


Only 10% of artists are accepted through system

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General managers or talent buyers spend up 10 hours a week running music programs


CountN enables you to spend 0 hours and no time wasted

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All payments are directly transferred to the artist on the day of the gig


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"The Stomping Ground takes care to present top quality, original acts on our stage. Our relationship with CountN has allowed us to continue to bring fresh, new, highly talented artists to the eyes and ears of our customers."

- Terry Paquette, The Stomping Ground

"I liked how easy it is to navigate. Visually, it seems really easy. It has a bunch of contacts [giving you] direct contact with the venue. It's convenient."

- James R. of Berklee College of Music

"I've seen a few apps come and go and CountN is clearly the next level .Everything is streamlined and easy to use and the people are great to work with and seem to really care - which is hard to find in this industry."

- Sam Robbins, The Voice

"I liked how accessible it is. It's hard enough doing this by word of mouth and it's great to see this through an app. It's nice to see metrics on an app."

- Maxwell C. at Sonsie's

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